Creation of a fully functional website on the CMS Joomla engine

Most webmasters prefer to use CMS systems to develop their projects on the Internet. Sites running on the CMS system are constantly updated, have good security and the ability to constantly develop the project. CMS Joomla system is ideal for creating sites of any kind. Business card sites, blogs, online stores can run on this engine.

No special knowledge is required to work with the engine. The simplicity of Joomla CMS for dummies allows any user to get started with the control panel. The flexibility of customization makes it possible to use customization on the platform, and the rich functionality to expand the functions of the site to solve any problem.

Thanks to the control panel, you can develop a hierarchy of pages, think over menus and categories, and intelligently group content. For high-quality content optimization, special SEO plugins are used. They help to properly prepare content at the stage of its publication in such a way that it fully meets the requirements of search engines.

Installation of the CMS of the Joomla system is completed within a few minutes. After linking the new domain to the hosting, you can choose to install the engine right in your personal account. Site setup should be done by a specialist.

The site template can be selected on the official Joomla website in the appropriate section. The template is responsible for the appearance of the site. It should correspond to the theme of the site, be pleasant to the visual perception. The design version should be adapted not only for the desktop, but also for mobile devices. Responsive templates will look great on different devices.

Plugins significantly expand the functionality of the site. They are able to solve almost any problem related to security, usability, integration, user interactions. Regardless of the direction of the project, experts recommend installing a few basic plugins. One of them is responsible for backing up site files. In the event of a hacked site, detection of viruses on it, you can quickly restore its performance. The plugin allows you to automate the process of creating scheduled backups.

The anti-spam plugin filters messages and comments from site users. Spam is automatically blocked and not allowed to post. This will avoid the dissemination of harmful information that is of no useful value to either the administrator or other users.

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