Installing CMS Joomla on hosting

When you have finished all the work with your site on Joomla and configured it, you can upload the page to the selected hosting and start promoting. It is not so difficult to transfer all the necessary files, folders and databases with data there, but when you have not encountered this before, installing Joomla can cause all sorts of questions and problems. Let’s consider everything from the very beginning.

Domain name and hosting purchase

To start installing Joomla, you need a dedicated server space for your site (hosting) and its identifier (domain name). Domain registration can be performed both independently and with the help of our registrar adminvps . Most of the common names are already taken, so some users have to iterate over them for days, changing values ​​and picking up ones that are not yet reserved. It is much more convenient to order domain registration directly from the hoster.

Nowadays there are many hosting companies, but few of them provide really good operational support. Also important is the price / quality ratio of the service provided. Moving a site from different hosters may have their own differences. It will tell you how this happens here, but this does not mean that the guide will be universal. In adminvps, this process is partially automated, and strict adherence to the instructions guarantees your sites a stable, trouble-free operation.

After installing Joomla, the company provides a free weekly testing of the service provided, so you can register and host the site right now. It does not take much effort and time, but you will quickly learn all the capabilities of the resource.

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Hosting on a server on the Internet

Moving a site from CMS Joomla to the server we offer is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Authorization is performed in the hosting control panel using the address sent to the mail when you activate the service.
  • The menu item “tools” and the icon “web-scripts (APS)” are selected, the button “install” is pressed in it.
  • When the list of used CMS opens, clicking the right column “loaded” brings up a menu of all compatible applications with which the server works (you will see yellow flashlights on them). In it, using the left mouse button, the CMS Joomla is selected and the “install” button is pressed.
  • Now you have the opportunity to select a site and path for the subsequent installation of Joomla on the server. Substitute the name of your site, and the path window is not filled.
  • Next, we carefully read the rules on how this CMS system can be used, and a bird is placed in the window indicating agreement with them.
  • At the final stage of the site transfer, you fill in your data: e-mail, login, name of your page, interface language and selected passwords to the administrative part of the resource and the database.

For the Joomla installation to be successful, in all places where “” stood, replace it with your domain name. At the same time, you are given the opportunity to use a special password generator located just to the right of their input field. Then the values ​​you entered will be automatically transferred to the created infobases.

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Carefully following the proposed instructions, you can make sure that your site is working correctly. You will see it and the administrative control panel 2 minutes after the installation is complete. Check carefully that all options work. If you find any problems, please contact support. The adminvps team is always in touch.

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