RT Audacity

RT Audacity is a gorgeous news portal template with Joomla 3.4 support , announced by the development team from the RocketTheme studio . Like the previous works of this studio, the new template was developed based on the most advanced web technologies. That is why the template turned out to be as fast and well optimized as possible, which in turn is important for large portals with frequent additions of materials. The template contains a functional slider with the help of which, the announcement of materials on the pages of the site looks very convenient and clear. Using a proprietary framework allows you to access the customization of each template parameter. Thanks to the built-in Color Chooser, it is possible to fine-tune the color theme of the template.

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Main features of the template RT Audacity:

  • Compatibility with current versions of CMS Joomla
  • Responsive layout design, supporting tablet and mobile devices
  • 6 predefined original design styles
  • Availability of 89 modular positions
  • 8 modular styles with support for multiple module suffixes
  • Full search engine optimization thanks to file SEO code
  • Displaying HTML5 Canvas Charts in Modern Browsers
  • Functional studio platform Gantry 4 Framework
  • Dropdown menu and Splitmenu
  • Original custom pages
  • Full support for all browser versions
  • Leveraging Web Standards: HTML5, CSS3, and LESS
  • Detailed documentation on working with the template
  • Availability of graphic files of layout design
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